Here is a Partial List of Companies That We
Have Helped in Increasing Customer Traffic & Sales

  • Set Up the First Incentive Referral System for Century 21 Real Estate Nationwide
  • Established the First Buyers Benefit Package for RCI Timeshare Resorts
  • Sold OPC & Phone Room Incentives to Over 2,000 Timeshare Resorts Worldwide
  • Established the First U.S. Incentive Sourcing Company In Seoul, Korea
  • Coordinated the First Incentive Program for U.S. Domestic Flights for 10 of the Top Airline Companies in the World... From American Airlines to Delta, to TWA & United.
  • Subsequently Produced the Following Items for The Incentive Market:  BBQ Grills, Luggage, 12 Speed Racing Bikes, Coca Cola Critters, ET the Doll, Donald Duck Stuffed Animal, Coffee Cups, Lighters, Pens, Sun Tan Lotion, Shampoo, Travel Kits, Key Chains, Hats, and Hundreds of Other Items.
  • Created the First Golf Card with Hale Irwin That Subsequently Went on to Sell Over 100 Million Cards
  • Created the First Travel Incentive Using Disney Tickets in Orlando. Sold Over 25 Million Nationwide as an Incentive
  • Designed, Created & Manufactured Coca Cola Critters as an Incentive for Children Nationwide
  • Partnered with the Repulican Party to Create and Distribute Incentives for Fund Raiser from Men's Belts, Wallets, Hats, Pens and Tens of Other Items
  • Created One of the Most Successful Test Drive Programs Using Incentives for the U.S. Auto Market.  Subsequently Sold Incentives to Over 5,000 Auto Dealers Nationwide
  • Created One of the First Grocery Coupon Books as an Incentive that Went on to Be One of the Most Successful Incentives of All Time.  Sold Over 100 Million Grocery Incentives Nationwide

  • Set Up the First Incentive System for Budget Car Sales to Sell Off Their Retired Rental Autos Nationwide.
  •  Coordinated, Manufactured & Distributed the I Am a Lucky Dog Incentive Campaign Nationwide
  • Created the Only NASA Astronut Doll as an Incentive
  • We Specialize in Electronically Deliverable, Individually Branded Incentives that can be Delivered Directly Online.  High Perceived Value, 100% Customer Satisfaction.